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The Land of 10,000 Links #3

Rubyx Cube

Dependency injection != Inversion of Control
A nice reminder that you can do dependency injection without using a container.

Building an Ember app with RailsAPI – Part 1

Building an Ember app with RailsAPI – Part 2

Caught in a .NET

Where is PhoneGap for Windows Phone 8? Right here!
The popular cross platform mobile development tool PhoneGap now supports Windows Phone 8.

CodePlex Now Supports Markdown

Simple immutable objects
In this post Andrew shows us how to create functional programming style immutable objects in C# that have a lower memory footprint and less GC pressure than those created by traditional immutable object design approaches.

New Windows Azure Mobile Services Getting Started Content
I think Azure Mobile Services has a lot of promise. It has a low barrier to entry, and it is built on top of node.js. Yet it’s missing some very basic software engineering features such as not editing code on a live server. I hope a happy medium between barrier to entry and engineering is found soon because this is a really compelling platform.

Automating the cloud with Windows Azure Command Line Tools
Your one stop show for Azure CLI automation.


OWIN – Run your C# for the web anywhere – Louis DeJardin
Videos from the 2012 MonkeySpace conference have started to appear on Vimeo. This one is about OWIN which is a standard interface between .NET/Mono webservers and applications. It is very similiar to Rack if you are coming from the Ruby world.

Expanding ServiceStack’s reach with Mono – Demis Bellot
Here’s a 2nd MonkeySpace video for today. This one is about ServiceStack. I’ve been learning a bit about it lately and I am very impressed. If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s an opinionated / convention-based web service stack for .NET that prides itself on its Mono compatibility.

Software Craftineering

How NOT to Design Your API

Notes from the Magical Mystery Bus
Steve Yegge compares political persuasions to programming languages.

Hyper Media

David Bowie Worked in Secret on Comeback LP For Two Years
Let’s hope this means there are oodles and oodles of bonus tracks left over from the long recording process.

Game over, man!

The Dangers of Minecraft and the one thing you should do to prevent problems
It’s a brave new world for parenting. Here’s a mother’s thoughts on learning to play Minecraft to spend more time with her children, and how it opened up a new avenue of parenting to her.

Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer Released
I’m not a huge fan of fully CGI game trailers, but CDPR is one of those rare companies that can capture the magic and promise of a game in a CGI trailer.

CDPR to announce ‘other open-world game’ on February 5
If the rumors are true, I’m not sure what to think. Isn’t one of the awesome things about “The Witcher” series is that it ISN’T an open world?

Hardware Wars

Impecca’s Bamboo keyboards and mice are surprisingly comfortable (hands-on)
These bamboo-housed keyboards and mice look great. Must resist!

Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumia smartphones in ‘solid’ Q4 2012; results ‘exceeded expectations’
Maybe there is still hope for Windows Phone? Nokia seems to be pretty happy with it, but then again, they don’t have much choice.

A Bad Case of Ballmer-mouth