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The Land of 10,000 Links #57


Sublime Web Inspector

Structuring a node.js web application with Express

You’ve Been Served

Do You Need Virtual Machine Manager and VMM 2012 SP1 Installation

The Great and Powerful OS

Q+A: Steve Ballmer

Caught in a .NET

Nebraska Code Camp 2013 – Lessons Learned

Entity Framework Gotchas – Strategies for Orphaned Child Objects

Introducing a NuGet.exe extension for Package Source Discovery

Windows Azure: New Hadoop service + HTML5/JS (CORS), PhoneGap, Mercurial and Dropbox support

Software Craftineering

Freedom to Work

Computer Science in Vietnam

Focus, Cadence, and Shipping

It’s Not Refactoring, It’s Untangling

Convention Over Incantation?


Hardware Wars

Panasonic considers exiting from plasma TVs: Nikkei

Rollin’ 20s

Isle of Dread for the Lazy Dungeon Master

RPGs: Is Old-School the New School?

Dungeons & Dragons arcade games listed by Korean board