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The Land of 10,000 Links #71


Why JavaScript is Doomed
(…Wait for it…)

Rubyx Cube

How Ruby method dispatch works

Caught in a .NET

.NET Crash Dump and Live Process Inspection

One ASP.NET: Nancy.Templates for Visual Studio

EF6 SQL Logging – Part 1: Simple Logging

EF6 SQL Logging – Part 2: Changing the content/formatting

scriptcs gets a REPL!

Validating inputs for PATCH requests in ASP.NET WebAPI

Keeping diagnostics in sync across Azure instances


Jekyll 1.0 Released

Software Craftineering

Kanban In Time-Boxes: The Cadence of WIP and Sprints

Why I’m done with Scrum

Ditching Two-Phased Commits

New Contributor? Jump In!


The ‘profile’ Link Relation and You

Codemania 2013: Glenn Block on Hypermedia

Performance series – Announcing SuperBenchmarker sb.exe for generating load on your API/Site

Idempotent Web APIs: What benefit do I get?

Rollin’ 20s

The 10 Best Classic D&D Modules I Ever Played #1: In the Beginning

Dungeons of Dread Illos

Old School Dungeons & Dragons: Wizards of the Coast’s Problem Child

Future Tech

Starring The Computer

Amiga Forever Brings Classic Computing Power To Android