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The Land of 10,000 Links #83


Node.js Http Client for Instapaper with HTTPS & Basic Auth

JavaScript in your Postgres

Rubyx Cube

Rubie Tapas Freebie: Runnable Library


101 Linq Samples Converted to Dart

Caught in a .NET

…really thinking of doing a talk called “EntityFramework you’re doing it wrong” and see what happens/how people read it.

Increase developer productivity with NuGet packages with NuGet References

CodePlex learns to talk to other services!

iOS questions from a WPF developer

TechEd: Microsoft preps system software for cloud usage

The Emergence of Visual Studio 2013


Intel’s ‘Thunderbolt 2’ official, coming later this year

Dell XPS 11 and XPS 12 Preview

On rumors that the next Mac Pro will be “really different”

Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs

Why IBM Paid Big Bucks To Expand In The Cloud With SoftLayer

The Great and Powerful OS

Video: Microsoft’s Jensen Harris shows off Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro

Windows 8.1 Preview … Visually

One year after debut, Windows RT is a Computex no-show

Windows 8.1 To Have New Networking Features

A Letter From the Editors

Vim Icon Replacement

Software Craftineering

Why your users hate Agile development (and what you can do about it)

Preview for Tekpub’s Get Involved! Production is Up

Coding as Play


if a post about REST best practices starts with RESTful URLs…..c’mon guys, we’re better than this

Google to keep CalDAV API public, opens CardDAV access ‘to everyone’


Isolated Van Halen Guitar Tracks

Isolated Vocal Tracks for Under Pressure