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The Land of 10,000 Links #86


Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET Book Get’s New Website

Scriptcs Presentations & Talks

Overriding filters in ASP.NET Web API vNext

Relationship between IdentityServer and AuthorizationServer

Building REST API with MVC 4 Web API – Part 3


HTTP/REST is not big, nor healthy. It’s hell no!

HTTP Decision Diagram


Don’t Restructure Microsoft, Renew It.


Woz Talks iOS and PRSIM


Chris Chapman Interviews Neil Killick about NoEstimates

IDEs / Editors

One Year Later: An Epic Review of PyCharm 2.7 from a Vim User’s Perspective


Disaster Recovery and High Availability for Windows Azure Applications

Video Games

Let’s Clear Up The Issues: Used Games, Kinect Privacy, and Other (What Most People Seem to Have Missed, An Explanation)

Me and my c64(s) – why did I want to make a c64 game in 2013

Prince of Persia Code Review

Console Wars: you’re going to buy an Xbox One