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The Land of 10,000 Links #94


Fixing a Doc Bug in Ruby

Adding Minitest Spec in Rails 4

Missingly – A DSL for Handling method_missing Hooks


A Week with Elixir


Your Buffer is Leaking


Visual Studio 2013: Making IntelliSense Transparent While You Code

Cassandra and .NET

EF Design Meeting Notes 7/5

C# Performance Benchmark Mistakes, Part Three

Theoretical: Null Chaining Evaluations

Leveraging Windows 8 Features with MVVM


Signs you’re veering from good API design

raw2swagger – Incrementally Create a Swagger API Spec from Logs

Software Engineering / Crafstmanship / Process

The Professional Employer

Are Software Teams Inherently Inefficient?

30 Years of “Hello, World”

Two week sprints; twelve month releases

Strive for Simplicity

Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD)

OS and Server

Manage the Windows Firewall with Powershell

Cloud / Scalability

Going ‘Cloud First’ with Windows Azure

The Architecture Twitter Uses To Deal With 150M Active Users, 300K QPS, A 22 MB/S Firehose, And Send Tweets In Under 5 Seconds

Testing Event Store HA

Video Games

Bruce Lee Gets a Sequel 29 Years Later

Hidden Powers At Valve – Ex-Employee Claims

Here Are The Names Microsoft Rejected Before Settling On ‘Xbox’