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The Land of 10,000 Links #106


PSA: There is an interesting discussion going on regarding the state of OSS in the .NET community.
Perception is Reality – .Net OSS is DOA by Amir Rajan
Perception is Reality – .NET OSS Is Getting Better by Moi
Perception is Reality–The state of OSS in .NET by Jimmy Bogard
Reality is an Illusion – .NET OSS is hard by Mark Rendle

Visual Studio Automation With Leap Motion

Web Publish – How to Automate Multi-project Publish with File System

OWIN Startup Class Detection

Glenn Block is leaving Microsoft

Microsoft Virtual Academy – Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications Jump Start

Test styles and avoiding setup/teardown

Instant Nancy Web Development – Book Review

Owin – A New .NET Web

Getting Started with Microsft Big Data

Immutable collections ready for prime time

Microsoft’s Mobile Platforms Suffer From Flagging Developer Interest

Common Composition Portable component composition annotations, dependency injection framework agnostic.

A quick refresher on x++ and ++x (C# version)

Introducing Semantic Logging

Introducing Microsoft Monitoring Agent

A Swiss Army Katana

Unit Testing Improvements in ASP.NET Web API

Ballmer’s Exit Speech

Attribute Routing changes for ASP.NET Web Stack shipped in VS2013 RC

ADO.NET Entity Framework : Executing TSQL and DbContext under same Transaction

Windows 8.1 Learning RoadMap


How Complex are TodoMVC Implementations

Webstorm 7 Has Been Released
Remember: Webstorm has moved to a subscription model so this is a free upgrade for anyone who has paid in the past year.

Consuming REST APIs with Restangular


Ruby on Rails 2.0 – 4.0 vulnerable to account hijacks

Are Ruby conferences taking us in the wrong direction?

Measuring Ruby

Building a Platform API on Rails

Community / Engineering / Architecture

Test First


Lessions Learned in a Year of Freelancing

Testing Code is Simple

Agile is NOT a set of practices

References for “The Future of Programming”


The Secret to RESTful Services is RESTful Clients

API Providers: Build a Twilio-like Request Inspector in One Day with Runscope Embeds

Virtualization / Cloud

Docker: Using Linux Containers to Support Portable Application Deployment

Cloud PCI Compliance: The Checklist

SQL Server VM Disaster Recovery Between Azure and Amazon

How to Migrate an On-Premises SQL Server 2012 Database to Windows Azure SQL Database

Windows Azure Learning Poster

Editors / IDEs

The Grammar of Vim

Marked 2 Has Been Released

Sublime Text – My New Love


BeebSID – C64 SID chip for the BBC Micro in ‘The Internet’ case

How LucasArts Fell Apart

What Valve’s Announcements Mean for Gaming

Overclocking Haswell Quick Fail Method