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The Land of 10,000 Links #109


Announcing Ginkgo and Gomega: BDD-Stye Testing for Golang

Beautiful Code Ported to Go

.NET / Azure

Does .NET Have a Future

Tracing Entity Framework Code First Calls

10 ways to make your .NET projects play nice with others

Iterating quickly at a Hackathon with Azure Mobile Services and Dynamic Schema

What does a well maintained Team Foundation Server look like?

Retire the Word “Enterprise”

ASP.NET App Suspend – responsive shared .NET web hosting

Enable and monitor ASP.NET App Suspend on Windows Server 2012 R2

Building WPF Applications


BASIC Games in Ruby


EmberJS :: Beyond the tutorials

Today is exciting: we’ve completed a year-long project to move Groupon’s web traffic from our legacy Ruby on Rails application to Node.js.

Node.js and the new web front-end



A Vim Tutorial

Community / Engineering

Writing Code? Know Your Boundaries.

What to Know Before Debating Type Systems

Evolutionary architecture boundaries

Reducing Incidental Complexity in Our Code and in Our Teaching

The Pain and Suffering of Large Source Code Repositories

The 10 Rules of a Zen Programmer

I wrote FAT on an airplane, for heaven’s sake

Letting People Go Securely


David Bowie – Sound and Vision 2013 Remix – Official Lyric Video

What Would You Do? – The Carrie Edition

Geddy Lee Dives Into Rush’s Video Timeline