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The Land of 10,000 Links #112


Intro to (images in) Go – part 1

State Machine with Google Go

goconvery – Awesome Testing in Go

Becoming a Gopher: a Pythonista learning Go


golor – a package for colored terminal printing

Introducing agora: a dynamic, embeddable programming language built with Go

Writing Middleware in Go


Ghost – a JS Based Blogging Platform

Felix’s Node.js Style Guide

oboe – a Progressive JSON parser for ajax calls

Securing Express.js HTTP Endpoints

Minimum Viable Reports: A NodeJS Script And console.log


RVM 2 / SM Framework 2

Ruby is a Dying Language?


ASP.NET MVC 4 Cheet Sheet

Fix in Scope: a New Code Cleanup Experience in ReSharper 8

Portable Class Library (PCL) now available on all platforms

Scriptcs and Sharepoint

NuDoq – API docs for NuGet packages

Choosing a BDD framework for .Net

Easy ASP.NET Web API DTOs with F# CLIMutable records

10 Things you Maybe Didn’t Know About C#

NuGet is a .NET framework release vehicle

The somewhat super secret MSDN docs on EF6

Announcing the Release of Visual Studio 2013 and Great Improvements to ASP.NET and Entity Framework

OWIN Middleware in the IIS integrated pipeline

ASP.NET Web API 2 is out! Overview of features

EF6 RTM Available

Top things web developers should know about the Visual Studio 2013 release

Attribute Routing in ASP.NET MVC 5

EF6 Connection Resilience for SQL Azure – When Does it Actually do Its Thing?

Microsoft Windows 8.1 – Corporate Policies and Common Sense

The good, the bad and the ugly of ASP.NET Identity

Architecture / Crafstmanship

Good and Bad Technical Debt (and how TDD helps)

From the Start, Signs of Trouble at Health Portal

The Myth of Maintainability

One Year of Freelancing

API first architecture or the fat vs thin server debate

Unlearning Software Engineering

How do you measure quality of a service?


URLs Are an ImplementationDetail

Why no one wants to use your API


The Gathering Storm in the PC Gaming Industry