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The Land of 10,000 Links #77

Rubyx Cube

How Ruby is Making Me a better C# Developer, and a Better Man

Caught in a .NET

The CORRECT Way to Code a Custom Exception Class

Retrieving the client’s IP address in ASP.NET Web API

The mystery of the inserted method

On Nuget, Git and Unignoring Packages

Wrestling All Day With WebAPI, NewtonSoft and JSON Date Formats

Dealing with Windows Azure Storage transient faults

Hello world web api self-hosted in worker role on Azure

RavenDB: How To Page Queries

Building REST API with MVC 4 Web API – Part 2


Trying out this Go thing…

Advanced Go Concurrency Patterns

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Starting with Azure

Announcing the release of AMQP support with Windows Azure Service Bus

With Ubiquity, Sears is Turning Shuttered Stores into Data Centers

Software Craftineering

Data sharing in Science (the sad reality)

Game over, man!

Oculus Rift hires ex-Valve Team Fortress 2 VR specialist

Doom3 BFG Source Code Review