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The Land of 10,000 Links #78


Jitbit’s SQL interview questions


How to save $5 million running a Node.js application

Cargo-Culting in JavaScript

How require loads modules in Node.js


Google’s Go and implicit interface declaration

Go 1.1 performance improvements, part 3

Caught in a .NET

Why not try F#?

Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 – Wave 2 Release

Throttling ASP.NET Web API calls

What is Katana and OWIN for ASP.NET?

Understanding .NET Just-In-Time Compilation

Database initializer and Migrations Seed methods

Aversion to Control

Team Foundation Service updates – May 13



Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Windows Azure–multi-platform command line interface into the cloud

Software Craftineering

Maxwell’s Equations of Software

Postagile: A large Scrum backlog is like a big pile of underpants

Why Can’t I Update an Event?

The Great and Powerful OS

Microsoft has a huge Windows 8 app problem

The Classics

21 Second Back up – Spiral track protection

Rollin’ 20s

After A Year Playtesting A New Dungeons & Dragons, What’s Next?