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Welcome to My Nerditorium 2.0


It’s been over a year since I’ve written a post at Welcome to My Nerditorium. My old blog is hosted on the Blogger / Blogspot platform which I’ve never really enjoyed using.

I’ve decided to reboot my blog using the Octopress blog engine. Although I plan on slowly migrating my old posts over to this blog, I hope to jump back in the saddle and start generating new content ASAP.

What am I going to blog about now?

I plan to keep the theme of my blog roughly the same as before. It will be heavily focused on posts related to software development, but I will also be throwing in the occasional game review or editorial on various nerd related issues. The biggest change is that I plan to post lists of curated content on a semi-regular basis – not unlike The Morning Brew or The Morning Dew. I do not plan on directly competing with these two popular curation blogs. I will not be focusing solely on .NET or programming, and I don’t plan on posting lists every day. I’m simply going to curate lists of things that interest me (and hopefully people like me).