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The Land of 10,000 Links #117

Heads up: I’m starting a new job so I might not be posting links for a few weeks.

JavaScript / HTML

Introducing node.js Tools fo Visual Studio

21 JavaScript Parts I Struggle To Remember

An Introduction To Full-Stack JavaScript

Minty: The First Steps

Minty: Defining the Model


What Exactly Is….. The 300ms Click Delay


Where UX Begins & Ends


Getting Started in Ruby


Fiddle for .NET

Windows Azure Storage Performance Best Practices

RIA Services is Getting Open-Sourced

Discovering .NET Open Source: up-for-grabs.net

Visual Studio Live Orlando 2013 – Day 3

Visual Studio Live Orlando 2013 – Day 4

Visual Studio Live Orlando 2013 – Day 5

Declare Don’t Tell

Microsoft Enterprise Library – Open Development Model

Windows Azure: General Availability Release of BizTalk Services, Traffic Manager, Azure AD App Access + Xamarin support for Mobile Services

Azure CLI Day 46 – sql server list

HTTP Content Negotiation on higher levels of media type

WindowsAzure.com Welcomes Xamarin

How VPNs can help you use your MSDN Azure benefits with TFS Lab Management

C#: Non-nullable Reference Types

How much data can you put on VSOnline?

On Strongly Typed Application Settings with Castle Dictionary Adapter

Debugging OWIN app or Framework


On Go’s Web Application Ecosystem

Hassle-Free Go in Production

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Golang and some followup

TweetQureet: a full Golang technology stack

Concurrent Reads with Serialized Writes

HTTP / Hypermedia / APIs

Hypermedia In The Wild: Amazon AppStream API

Engineering / Craftsmanship

Object-oriented relativism

Failure Friday: How We Ensure PagerDuty is Always Reliable

Implementing Micro Service Architectures

Fun / Misc

After 15 Years of Llama-whipping, AOL Shuts Down Winamp for Good

Healthcare.gov and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality

Are All Open Source Developers Assholes?

What it Takes to Run Stack Overflow

Professional Ties Severed Between John Carmack and ID