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The Land of 10,000 Links #4

Rubyx Cube

A Review of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

A quick note on dependencies in Ruby on Rails projects

Caught in a .NET

FubuMVC Turns 1.0

Easy ASP.NET WebAPI resource updates with Delta
Filip show us a pretty slick way to impement partial updates / PATCH in webAPI by pulling some bits of the OData framework in.

C# is the past, the present and the future

Additional Use Rights for MSDN Subscriptions

Introducing ForTea – a T4 templating plugin for ReSharper

Hidden Pitfalls With Object Initializers

Meet the future of Umbraco: v6

Azure Tips and Best Practices

Game over, man!

Pathfinder MMO: A Chat with Ryan Dancey and Mark Kalmes of Goblinworks

Hardware Wars

Uh-oh, Windows RT, Samsung’s got second thoughts

Quick Hyper-V VM Templates