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The Land of 10,000 Links #5

Caught in a .NET

Does The World Still Need Visual Basic?
“What do you think? Is Microsoft simply reluctant to shoot the dying horse it rode in on or is Visual Basic still a trusted companion with life left in her?”

TFS 2010 will NOT support SQL 2012
That’s a pretty bold move.

ASP.NET Web API Tracing and IDependencyScope Dispose Issue
This post demonstrates a sticky issue that can occur where a request’s dependency scope can be disposed before a tracewriter that depends on it does.

CORS BasicAuth on ServiceStack with custom authenticationn

Microsoft Refreshed .NET Framework 4.5 with Updates

Hyper Media

DEF LEPPARD Singer Slams Former Record Label Over Digital Rights To Back Catalog
Def Leppard has been re-recording many of their hits solely because their back catalog’s digital rights are up in the air. Glad to see that they figured out a way to stick it to the bloodsuckers.

The inside story of how David Bowie made The Next Day
This is a great article about how Bowie managed to write and record his new album in almost complete secrecy. Also – it turns out he recorded a whopping 29 songs, with only 17 going on the deluxe version of the album.

Dungeons and Dragons Animated Series Fan Art
D&D was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. I rewatched it a couple of years ago and I still found it enjoyable. (unlike some of the other cartoons I tried to rewatch)

Game over, man!

Oculus Rift Eyes-On: Mind-Blowing Future of VR Gaming at CESs 2013
It looks like things are coming along well. I can’t wait until this is on the market.

Matt Chat 179: Dave Marsh on FMV, MMOs, Platforms, and Getting a Job
Matt wraps up his multipart interview series with Dave Marsh of Shadowgate fame.

Hardware Wars

What’s coming in Nextgen Reader for Windows Phone 8
Nextgen reader is a really nice Google Reader app for Windows phone. I’ve been using the version that was built for WP7 for awhile now and I think it’s fantastic. It looks like the next update is going to make it even better.