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The Land of 10,000 Links #13

Caught in a .NET

Adding Request.IsLocal to ASP.NET Web API

Problem with running an MVC3 project on IIS after opening and building in Visual Studio 2012

Former Microsoft Exec Says Steve Ballmer Pushes Out Rivals to Keep Power


How I Learned to Enjoy JavaScript

Important Considerations When Building Single Page Web Apps

Rubyx Cube

Rails + OmniAuth + Facebook #= Redirect Resolved?

Hardware Wars

Growing the Surface Family: Surface Windows 8 Pro Availability Confirmed

Intel Believes That PC is Undergoing Transition to a Tablet

Commander Data

Persistance and the Problems of Database Deployments

Fedora 19 Nixing MySQL in Favor of MariaDB

I’m So Old

Portable Commodore 64 Turns 30, And You’re Invited To The Party!

Software Craftineering

You Are Not Paid To Write Software

Rollin’ 20s

Back Catalog D&D PDFs Begin to Resurface on DriveThruRPG

D&D Next Goals, Part Three