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The Land of 10,000 Links #24

Hyper Media

Search No More: All the 2013 Super Bowl Spots in One Place

Caught in a .NET

What’s Best for Unit Testing in EF? It depends, dude!

What’s Coming in the Command Line Tools for Windows Azure with Glenn Block
There has been a ton of amazing CLI Azure tooling coming out over the past several months. This stuff needs to be marketed / evangilized to non-windows/VS devs.

Request/Acknowledge/Poll With ASP.NET WebAPI and NServiceBus

Dog-fooding our API – Authentication

Beware of Productivity Tools

Rubyx Cube

YAML and Remote Code Execution

The Trouble with HTTP Digest Authentication


Back to Basics: JavaScript Hoisting

Software Craftineering

Realistic TDD session – long and boring

Can you hear me now?

Blink for WP8