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The Land of 10,000 Links #42



Moving SSIS Projects in SQL Server 2012


Rubyx Cube

Ruby 2.0 arrives with refined monkey patching, faster Rails startup

Rails 4.0: Beta 1 released!

Ruby core classes aren’t thread safe

Caught in a .NET

Elmah and Azure, Using Sql Azure

ASP.NET Web API and Protocol Buffers

F# end to end

Domain-Driven Design With F# and EventStore: Projections

Monads, part two

MVP Summit 2013 Report

Using CallerMemberName for property change notification in XAML apps

Translating OData queries to HQL

Introducing ConDep

The Making of Xamarin Studio

How many ways can you mess up IO?

Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs

Service Bus Messaging Deep-Dive

Experiment: Application Server on Windows Azure IaaS 90 Day Trial

Software Craftineering

Why Functional Code is Shorter

Where is Agile Now?

Elastic Leadership in Devops Survival Mode

Developing Critical Team Thinking


Navigating API Pagination

Hardware Wars

The MS Surface Pro

Nokia announces new phones, apps, partnerships