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The Land of 10,000 Links #53

Software Craftineering

Don’t Unit Test Trivial Code

Listen to Trivial Tests

TDD Terminology Simplified

The Frenzied Panic of Rushing

Elaborating on “it depends”

Thoughts on Working Remotely

Hardware Wars

A Week with a Surface Pro


NodeJS On Windows – Choosing Components To Install

Caught in a .NET

Pro tip: don’t try abstracting the code world from the HTTP world

Xamarin 2.0 Review

Marker Mixins in C#

EF6: Nested types and more for Code First

Adding HTTP HEAD support to ASP.NET Web API

Entity Framework 5/6 vs NHibernate 3 from a Domain Driven Design perspective


My Clojure Journey: Hearts, Koans and 4clojure

Stayin’ up Late

SOA vs. API: The Humans Win

Hardware Wars

Windows 8 Based Razer Edge Pro Tablet Pre-orders Halted Due to High Demand

You’ve Been Served

New 2012 Powershell CmdLets: Role Focus on NPS (Radius) Server

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

DevOps for Windows Azure

Game over, Man

Ken Levine ‘killed’ BioShock film following budget/director issues

Rollin’ 20s

David “Zeb” Cook