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The Land of 10,000 Links #59

Rubyx Cube

The Repository Pattern

Diary of a Rails Rescue Project


Access Windows Registry from Node.js Applications

Why All Those JavaScript Libraries?

Caught in a .NET

“Why F#?” by F# Weekly

Introducing Pretty Paste for VS2012


A Description of Hypermedia APIs

White House Web API Standards

The Great and Powerful OS

Windows Blue leaks online, includes smaller Live Tiles, new side-by-side Snap Views, and IE 11

Windows Blue Leaks!

Neowin forum thread: Windows Blue Screenshots

Software Craftineering

Too Perfect a Mirror

How Getting Married and Having Kids Made Me a Better Programmer

The Absolute Minimum Every Khan Academy Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Mentoring Interns

Hardware Wars

Windows Blue is aimed at Intel ‘Haswell’ ultrabooks

Game over, man!

Double Fine’s Adventure Game Named Broken Age