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The Land of 10,000 Links #65


Ember 101

A Comparison of Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember

Using TypeScript with AngularJS adn Web API

jQuery 2.0 Released

Rubyx Cube

Rails 3, SOAP and Testing, Oh My!

Basic RubyGem Development

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Microsoft introduces two-step verification for Microsoft accounts

How to interact with Windows Azure Blob Storage from Linux using Python

Intel Is Buying Mashery To Get Deeper Inside The Data Center

Django now available on Windows Azure

Caught in a .NET

Async and Await

Understanding .NET Garbage Collection

Console (not that kind) Space Invaders

Simple C# Benchmarking with Stopwatch

Visual Studio, run as Administrator

Microsoft.Bcl.Async is Now Stable

DateTimeOffset : What time is it?

ASP.NET Web API parameter binding part 1 – Understanding binding from URI

Software Craftineering

There is No Right Way to Develop Software

In move to pwn boys, Girl Scouts to introduce game developer badge

The Definitive Reference To Why Maybe Is Better Than Null

Are you coding for change or for stability?

Please Be Critical Of My Arguments


Secure Your REST API… The Right Way

Extending REST APIs with API Aggregator

The Great and Powerful OS

Reading between the Microsoft CFO lines on Windows Blue and the Start Button

Service Bus 1.0 – For Windows Server

Hardware Wars

iPad 5 Estimated to Be 15% Thinner, 25% Lighter Than Current iPad

Game over, man!

Black Annex is the best QBASIC game you’ve ever seen

Planescape: Torment producer Guido Henkel working on a new RPG called Deathfire

The conception of Deathfire

Rollin’ 20s

D&D Next Q&A: Immunities, Two-Weapon Fighting & Signature Abilties


Rush’s Rock Hall induction: ‘I’m relieved for our fans’

Infographic: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Scott and Scurvy