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The Land of 10,000 Links #81

Rubyx Cube

Favorite RubyMine Tips

High Performance Rails


Debugging in the Land of Server-Side Javascript

Tin Roof, Rusted

Rust -y scraps: iterating with a step

The Great and Powerful OS

Why can’t Microsoft get their products right on the first try?

Software Craftineering

Letter To A Young Programmer Considering A Startup

‘Family Ties’ actress goes to college to learn coding

The 30 Second Standup

Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs

Building Resilient, High-Scale Services in Windows Azure

Caught in a .NET

EF6 release dates…or lack thereof

Get /httpclient/rtm – 200 OK

RavenDB: How To Page Queries

The State of Entity Framework and NHibernate

Taking Baby Steps with ScriptCS

New C# based CQRS Tutorial available


On GoHacker News CommentsReddit Comments



Banking on APIs

What’s New in OData 4.0?

You should read about hypermedia APIs, if only to challenge your thinking.

Game over, man!

Were truckloads of ‘E.T.’ Atari cartridges buried in New Mexico? A film crew is about to find out