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The Land of 10,000 Links #88


Array covariance: not just ugly, but slow too

Entity Framework 6 Brings Breaking Changes

Code Lingo: Immutable and Mutable

Say No to the Repository Pattern in Your DAL

Update to HttpClient and Automatic Decompression

The Uncertain Future of NHibernate

Getting MiniProfiler to work with WebAPI and EF5 Code First

ScriptCS Loves RavenDB : Getting Started


TypeScript 0.9 Preview Release

Video – Ember.js Tutorial With Rails 4

Interview and Book Review: Effective JavaScript

Unrequired Love – a Discussion on Javascript and Dependency Management


If Your Business Uses Rails 2.3 You Need To Move To A Supported Option ASAP


ST 4U 406: Dave Thomas, Smalltalk Next


Elixir is for Programmers

Cloud and Big Data

My Recommendations For Windows Azure Literature

Practical Azure #21 – HDInsight

Azure IaaS: My Benchmark of Azure Storage Speeds

Why Windows Azure SQL Database May be Right for You

The Future is Graph Databases

Software Craftsmanship

Teach Yourself a New Programming Language in 21 Minutes (Or 2-3 Years, It Depends)

Greg Young on Documents and Processes as an Alternative to Events

When you Shouldn’t Bother Testing

Where to Put Unit Tests

Why I Left Google

So Long and Thanks for All the Manifestos

Strategies for Isolating the Database in Tests

SemVer 2.0 Released

5 Years of Stackoverflow.com


Programming on Early Microcomputers: A Retrospective


API Design: Ruminating Over Rest

API Design: Honing in on HATEOAS

API Design: Harnessing HATEOAS, Part 1

What’s The Best Structure for API Responses?

Patterns for REST API Bulk Operations

New Pluralsite Course – Web API Design by Shawn Wildermuth

Video – Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML

New Apigee Wizard Converts APIs from SOAP to REST in Minutes

Video – RESTful APIs: White House Sets The Standard(s)

With New API, Twitter Attempts to Kill Autofollow Apps

Debugging the Stripe API using Runscope

Editors / IDEs

Sublimerge – Diff and Merge Files in Sublime Text

Vim: TIL Use Ctrl-f to Bring Up History

Source Control

Enterprise grade Git (in TFS)

Team Foundation Service updates – Jun 19

Video Games

Yikes: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Pulled, BGII On Hold

Greased Lightning: Witcher 2 Semi-Official Combat Mod Out