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The Land of 10,000 Links #92


TFS Build Numbers & File Version Now with Hosted TFS Build Support

Immutable Isn’t Just About Parallel Code

Setting up a NancyFX website

What is New in Code Analysis for Visual Studio 2013

Glimpse 1.5.0 released

Making Visual Studio 2012 extensions work with VS 2013 Preview

Understanding OWIN Forms authentication in MVC 5

Manage CORS policy dynamically

Code Rules are not just about Clean Code

Hawk Authentication for ASP.NET Web API using Thinktecture.IdentityModel.45

The Story of Synchronized Settings in VS2013


Should I rewrite my app in Go for better scalability?

Shard Your Hash Table To Reduce Write Locks

Clojure core.async and Go: A Code Comparison


Elixir for the Lazy, Impatient and Busy: Part 1 |> Lists and Recursion

Elixir for the Lazy Impatient and Busy: Part 2 |> Processes 101

Elixir for the Lazy Impatient and Busy: Part 3 |> Processes 102


API Design: Harnessing HATEOAS, Part 2

Micro Service Architecture

Software Craftsmanship / Methodologies

High Costs and Negative Value of Pair Programming


Windows 8.1 multi-monitor Desktop hands-on review (video)

Microsoft Research releases Network Speed Test app for Windows 8

Internet Explorer 11: “Don’t call me IE”

Microsoft Delivers Fixes for Windows 8.1 Preview

Video Games

Majority of Gamers Today Can’t Finish Level 1 in Super Mario Bros.

Double Fine ‘needs more money’ to finish $3m Kickstarter project

American McGee defends Double Fine Kickstarter after adding $100,000 stretch goal to OZombie

Microsoft will now include a headset with Xbox One – report

XBox Live Games With Gold: July 2013

In Memoriam

Douglas C. Engelbart, Inventor of the Computer Mouse, Dies at 88
Watch his classic The Mother of All Demos.