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The Land of 10,000 Links #97


Happy Birthday, AWS Ruby SDK! Now Let’s Celebrate the Future

Docker for Rubyists


DeepEqual – An Extensible Deep Comparison for .NET

Writing Web API Client Code for Multiple Platforms Using Portable Libraries

LINQ Versus the LSP

Windows Azure Web Sites: How Application Strings and Connection Strings Work

ReSharper 8.0 is Available

How We Do MVC – 4 Years Later


Endgate – An HTML5 / JS Game Framework Powered by TypeScript

Sync Multiple AngularJS Apps Without Server via PouchDB

JavaScript Module Pattern: When to Use it and Why

JavaScript Isn’t Scheme


PUT or POST: The REST of the Story

Secure Your API – Tips for REST + JSON Developers


Understanding the Git Workflow

Git Migrate – Git Repository based Database Migrations


New Pluralsight Course: Introduction to MongoDB

Falling In And Out Of Love With DynamoDB, Part II

Why You Should Never Write Your Own Database


Microsoft Delivers More Fixes for Windows 8.1 Preview


New digitally signed Mac malware confuses users with right-to-left file name tricks


Linus Torvalds defends his right to shame Linux kernel developers

Why This Hacker Stood Up Against ‘Verbal Abuse’ in Linux Land

Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing to be given posthumous pardon

If We Can’t Teach Programming, Create Software Engineering for Poor Programmers

Why I Cancelled My TechEd Talks

Video Games

Baer’s Odyssey: Meet the serial inventor who built the world’s first game console

The Famicom Turns 30