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The Land of 10,000 Links #104


Windows Azure SQL Database and Throttling

Why is The New Windows Azure Cache Service Important?

Think First Code Later – Azure CLI Article Index



A database wrapper and language integrated query for Elixir


Rust: What I Learnt So Far


Updated NuGet Support in Visual Studio 2012.4

Duplicate Finder, Part of ReSharper Command Line Tools

Owin.Dependencies: An IoC Container Adapter Into OWIN Pipeline

Self Hosted WebAPI Wrapper Class

What not to do in ASP.NET, and what to do instead

Comparing object instances with FakeItEasy

Adding High Performance Windows Azure Cache Service to Your ASP.NET Web API

Creating New Windows Azure Web Site from Visual Studio 2013 RC

Good Old F5 Experience With OwinHost.exe on Visual Studio 2013

Parameter Binding in ASP.NET Web API

Entity Framework to REST – EfRest

What is new in Browser Link with Visual Studio 2013 RC?

What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 RC with Team Foundation Server


Never Type Bundle Exec Again

Durandal, Breeze, and Ruby

Cryptic Ruby Global Variables and Their Meanings

The Predicate Module Pattern


Learn AngularJS With These 5 Practical Examples

Scala / Play

Scaling Play! to Thousands of Cuncurrent Requests


Surface Pro 2 Details Emerge

Craftsmanship / Architecture / Community

Own a System Beyond Its Childhood, or Stay a Bad Programmer

What is Agle Software Architecture?

Tell Don’t Ask

The Bus Factor – Why your ‘best’ developer is your biggest problem

Two Techniques to Avoid the Bus Factor In your Teams: Push and Pull

When to Leave Your Programming Job

Homegrown DevOps Tools at Stack Exchange

What is BDD and why should I care?

Fox News Explains Github

Dungeons and Developers

Teach, Don’t Tell

How to Get Your Manager to Pay for Training


Versioning RESTful Services V2