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The Land of 10,000 Links #107


Unicode and JavaScript

Best Learning Resources for Meteor.js

Announcing Faye 1.0

You Can’t JavaScript Under Pressure

Writing an Awesome Build Script with Grunt


An Unusual Case for Cucumber


Arrays, slices (and strings): The mechanics of ‘append’

Go Testing Toolbox

Welcome to the Nice World of Golang

Creating a Proxy Server in Go

Behavior-driven testing in Go with GoConvey (BDD in “golang”)

An Introduction to Go programming – A Free Online Course

Go Package Management Call To Action

Miniprofiler for Go

Applying the Clean Architecture to Go Programs

Understanding Mutexes

On Distributing Command Line Applications: Why I Switched From Ruby to Go

.NET / Azure

Dynamic per-controller HttpConfiguration in ASP.NET Web API

Migrating Diary of a Ninja to Azure Websites and SQL Azure

Team Foundation Service updates – Sep 30

Get ready for EF6… by learning EF5!

MimeKit: Coming to a NuGet near you.

Tomasz Janczuk Leaves Microsoft

Azure CLI Day 15 – site scale mode

Service Bus Explorer 2.1 adds support for Notification Hubs and Service Bus 1.1

Web API 2 Routing Attributes, Part 2

Getting Started with Oak


{F}lexSearch – Flexible and fast open source .net based Search Engine

Getting Started with the Katana Project

Coding for Domain-Driven Design: Tips for Data-Focused Devs, Part 3

Lessons Learned: Taking the best out of Widnows Azure Virtual Machines

Blogging with Markdown & Deploying via Git – Introducing Sandra.Snow

OWIN Middleware in the IIS integrated pipeline


This Week in Rust

Drama – Haskell == Rust > Go


Elixir for Rubyists Part 1


Update on Desinging Hypermerdia APIs Book – The Beginning of the End

RESTful Web Services has been put online for free

RESTful API Modeling Language

Engineering / Architecture / Community

The Myth of the Rockstar Programmer

Rethinking Agile in an Office-less World

Growth Planning

What’s the Best Way for a Programmer to Learn a New Language?

Erlang is the Most Object Oriented Language

Presentation Skills Considered Harmful

Dance You Imps!

Curbing Long Tail Desing

An Idiot’s Guide to Devops

Scaling lessons learned–from 0 to 15 million users


Steam Box: Valve Abuses its GamerGoodwill to Bet Big on a Bad Idea