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The Land of 10,000 Links #18

Software Craftineering

Haters Gonna Hateoas
This post isn’t new, but I saw a link for it today and was reminded how good it is if you are learning about REST.

More on “Craftsmanship”

BDD vs TDD Explained

Write the Docs
This sounds pretty cool. It’s a conference about technical documentation.

Top 5 Pragmatic TDD mistakes

30 Pounds in 30 Days


DuckDuckGo Architecture – 1 Million Deep Searches A Day And Growing

The Enterprise Cool Kids

How Newegg crushed the “shopping cart” patent and saved online retail

Caught in a .NET

New features in Service Bus Preview Library (January 2013) – 1: Message Pump

New features in Service Bus Preview Library (January 2013) – 2: Auto-expiration

Nancy.Testing – configure her boot…strapper

My experiences with Knockout

Rubyx Cube

An includes() trap

Vulnerability in JSON Parser in Ruby on Rails 3.0 and 2.3


Dart: Web Fragmentation vs. Web Development Fragmentation

Build REST APIs with node.js

Lookin’ good!

The new rules of the responsive web

On Layout & Web Performance

The Great and Powerful OS

Microsoft fails to notice the death of the PC, posts record revenue figures instead

Windows 8 has Surpassed OS X Mountain Lion in Market Share

Video of Bill Gates Jumping Over a Chair

Bill Gates says you should read these 5 books in 2013

Microsoft and Samsung team up on Windows Phone for enterprise, take on RIM

Microsoft Still Needs To Make a Case for Windows 8

Hardware Wars

Why I’m not trading my Surface RT for a Surface Pro

Game over, Man!

35 Years of Console Launch Prices – Adjusted for Inflation

Kickstarter Loves Games

In Emotional Video, Chris Taylor Says He’s ‘Fearful’ About Wildman Kickstarter’s Outcome

Hyper Media

No More ‘Star Wars’ 3D Prequel Releases; Lucasfilm Passes To Focus On New Trilogy