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The Land of 10,000 Links #19

Game over, man!

Ex-Gas Powered Games dev starts his own Kickstarter for survival/base-building game Roam

Hyper Media

The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Gets Paul Giamatti As Rhino?
I hope he doesn’t go the comedy route with this character.

Hardware Wars

128GB Surface Pro ships with 83GB free, 64GB has only 23GB
As the article states, you can reclaim the recovery partitions space by copying it off to external storage, but I do not know the amount of GBs that will free up. Comments in the article seem to indicate 16GBs.

Rubyx Cube

A new site for Shoes!

Rails developers close another “extremely critical” flaw
More follow-up from yesterday’s post on this.

Letters from the Editor

Sublime Text 3: First Look

Sublime Text 3 Beta


How Does the Cloud Change a Database Administrator’s Job?

Software Craftineering

FizzBuzz is dead. Long live FizzBuzz!
Personally, I like to see an interviewee solve a code problem. I don’t like to put them on the spot in the interview, and I think having them go home and do it is perfectly fine (if not preferred).

The Human Side of Software Craftsmanship

Caught in a .NET

Psychic Debugging of Async Methods

I’ll be your server for tonight.

Add a GUI to Server Core 2012 and Overcoming Error: 0x800f0906