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The Land of 10,000 Links #20

Looking good!

Style guides


Azure SQL Database Execution Plan Differences

Software Craftineering

You Can’t Know It All (YCKIA), But Keep Pursuing After It Anyway
I had the pleasure of getting to know Allen Conway a little bit at VSLive! 2012 Orlando. This guy is the real deal, and is super passionate about development.

When To Write Bad Code

Mod tools and Project Mercury Whoa?

Why shorter methods are better

Thoughtworks gets rid of comission based sales

2013 Challenges for Developers, Part II: Demand for Multiple Language Skills

The Laborer and the Craftsman

Caught in a .NET

EF Power Tools Beta 3 Available

Microsoft Embraces Git in Visual Studio, Team Foundation Service

Assert.ThrowsException for async lambdas

Autofac 3.0 Final Release

DirectX/XNA Phase Out Continues

NuGet Status

Simple PATCH validation in ASP.NET Web API

Windows 8 LOB deployment ‘story’

Staying up late

Book Club: let’s do this!
The Hypermedia mailing list is going to have an async book club for Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node by Mike Amundsen
I’m going to be participating in this discussion, and I hope you will be too.

Rollin’ 20s

Prescription Drug or Classic D&D Monster? Take the Quiz

Hyper Media

Dell Dude: I Use Apple Now

Microsoft’s Windows Phone to add support for Google sync protocols

Dr. Who 50th Anniversay docu-drama gets help from Harry Potter actor