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The Land of 10,000 Links #32


Moving SSRS 2012 with Powershell and Bourbon

Caught in a .NET

You Want To Build Web Software with C#?

Managed Extensibility Framework Improvements in .NET 4.5

But I don’t want to call Web Api controllers “Controller”!

Rubyx Cube

7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models

Why we don’t use a Rails template

Game over, man!

So Sick of Your Excuses

Torment, l’interview Brian Fargo, Colin McComb & Kevin Saunders
Scroll down for English version.


jQuery Object Quacks like an Array Duck

pH Imbalance

Building Sample Apps in Ruby, NodeJS and PHP
A .NET/Ruby/JS/Node dev has some positive things to say about PHP. Maybe it’s just because of the social circles I’m involved in, but I think PHP is entering a JS-style renaissance.

Software Craftineering

Remote – Office Not Required
DHH and Jason Fried are writing a book about remote working.

Web Development: A Crazy World
This reminded me of something – One of my coworkers once said something like: “I hope I never have to work on another website.” I feel like that sometimes, but other times I really feel excited about learning the latest hotness (even though it may be short lived).

NoEstimates Part 3 – The Palm Off

Staying Up Late

Steve Klabnik’s Designing Hypermedia APIs book gets a transformation

Hyper Media

Trailer- Ghost in the Shell Arise

Video of Zombie Apocolypse EMS Hoax

20 Million People LinkedIn Just Tricked Into Tweeting About LinkedIn
Funny, but I guess me posting this just makes it worse.

Hardware Wars

How To Turn Your iPhone Into The Coolest Computer Mouse You’ve Ever Seen