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The Land of 10,000 Links #33


How I work with Postgres – psql, My PostgreSQL Admin

Rubyx Cube

Ruby Idioms and Fluff

Software Craftineering

Refactoring and the Ubiquitous Language

Kata and Analysis

The Great and Powerful OS

Microsoft Releases Massive Patch for 57 Vulnerabilities

Game over, man!

Jeri Ellsworth is no longer employed by Valve
I’m sure she’ll have no problem finding her next adventure. Best of luck to her!

Several out of work as Valve makes ‘large decisions’ about its future

Walking Dead C64 Demake
This is conceptual only, but fun to take a look at none-the-less.

Many Questions: System Shock 2 Comes To GOG

CONFIRMED: System Shock Franchise To Resurface With GOG/Steam Release