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The Land of 10,000 Links #74


The Basics of SQL Server Execution Plans (video)


Exploring Hypermedia with Mike Amundsen

Indicating Problems in HTTP APIs

Eventual Consistency in REST APIs

Caught in a .NET

Where Is .NET Headed?

The ASP.NET website has updated its OSS project pages for both MVC and WebAPI. If you were curious, yes there is one for Webforms too.

ServiceStack and RavenDB End to End Testing
“The unit testing debate is over, and you SHOULD be unit testing. The bigger question now is how to unit test. The problem of how becomes more compounded once you start introducing complex dependencies.”

Scripting ease with Script Packs

EF6 SQL Logging – Part 3: Interception building blocks

Using bit fields in C#

Deeper Dive Into ScriptCS

Exception Handling for Web API Controller Constructors


The Changelog Podcast Moves to the 5by5 Network


The Road to Node.js v1.0


We are Switching to Dart. Why?

Built with Dart

Software Craftineering

What is a Bug?

How not to deal with Replication Lag

The Freelancers’ Show 059 – Overcoming Burnout

Enabling Change
“Once the higher-level tests provide meaningful coverage on their own, the early scaffolding tests can be removed.”

Architecture-Breaking Bugs – when a Dreamliner becomes a Nightmare

When to refactor code

Kata – the Only Way to Learn TDD
I’ve been doing TDD Katas for years now, but I needed to find a “jumping on point” for a friend today. This link is really great IMHO.

beautiful builds: maintainable, coherent build process patterns

a second look at unit testing

Teaching Programming 1


Why Go?