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The Land of 10,000 Links #75


How We Built eBay’s First Node.js Application

Knockout – What MVVM should have been like in XAML

Knockout-ES5: a plugin to simplify your syntax

Pluralsight Course: JavaScript From Scratch

Software Craftineering

Straw Man TDD

Sorry, My Code Won’t Last Forever

Applying the Lean Startup at Intuit

Express names in code: Bad vs Clean

If you learn only one technical skill, learn THIS one

I’m done with scrum

Writing Usable APIs in Practice

What is lexical scoping?

Some “Laws” of Software Development

Teaching Developers

Rubyx Cube

Sandi Metz’ rules for developers

Caught in a .NET

scriptcs.clrmd – Enabling Rich, Programmatic .NET Diagnostics

What is the difference between Reflection and Dynamic in C#?

C# Performance Benchmark Mistakes, Part Two

C# Reading XML With Namespace


A Matter of Semantics

Do You Really Need API Versioning?

A Modest Proposal for Improving Website Authentication

Cloudy, with a Chance of Meatballs

Lessons Learned: Taking the best out of Windows Azure Virtual Machines


Call me maybe: MongoDB


Go 1.1 performance improvements

Aversion Control

Pull Requests for Git Users

The Great and Powerful OS

Critical Linux Exploit In The Wild